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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to replace a specific string with another in Laravel, utilizing a controller method and implementing the change directly in a Blade template.

Part 1: String Replacement in Laravel Controllers

Step1: Create a New Controller
    1. Open your Laravel project’s terminal.
    2. Use the php artisan make:controller command to create a new controller. For example, create a “StringReplaceController”:
    php artisan make:controller StringReplaceController

    Step2: Implement String Replacement

    1. Open the newly created StringReplaceController.php file in the app/Http/Controllers directory.
    2. In a controller method, use the str_replace() function to replace a specific string with another:
    public function replaceString($originalText)
        $replacementText = str_replace('old_string', 'new_string', $originalText);
        return view('string-replace', ['originalText' => $originalText, 'replacementText' => $replacementText]);

    Step3: Define Route

    1. Open the routes/web.php file.
    2. Define a route that uses the replaceString method in the StringReplaceController:
    Route::get('/string-replace/{text}', 'StringReplaceController@replaceString');

    Part 2: String Replacement in Blade Templates

    Step1: Create a Blade View

    1. Navigate to your Laravel project’s resources/views directory.
    2. Create a new Blade view file. For example, name it “string-replace.blade.php”.

    Step2: Perform String Replacement in Blade Template

    1. Open the “string-replace.blade.php” file.
    2. Inside the Blade template, use the str_replace() function to perform the string replacement:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>String Replacement Example</title>
        <p>Original Text: {{ $originalText }}</p>
        <p>Replaced Text: {{ str_replace('old_string', 'new_string', $replacementText) }}</p>


    You’ve successfully learned how to replace a specific string with another using both a Laravel controller method and directly within a Blade template. This approach provides flexibility in how you implement string replacement in your Laravel application.

    Feel free to explore further and apply this technique to other parts of your Laravel project where string replacement is needed. Happy coding!

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